Freeze Dryer Food & Maintenance Log

Freeze Dryer Food & Maintenance Log - Freeze Dry Foodie - maintenance log

I have created a pretty in-depth freeze dried food storage inventory (make sure you check that one out!), but sometimes you want just a very simple log. A freeze dryer food log and a maintenance log can help you track … Read more

Where to Buy Mylar Bags for Freeze Drying

mylar bags for freeze drying

After buying your freeze dryer, the next big expense you’ll face is storing your freeze dried food! Whether you’re looking for short-term storage options or long term food storage solutions to increase the shelf life, you will likely want to … Read more

Printable Freeze Dry Food Labels

Printable Freeze Dry Food Labels - Freeze Dry Foodie - freeze dry labels all

My very first step, after purchasing my freeze dryer, was to create a set of labels. I love labeling things and having a distinct system that makes it easier to find exactly what I’m looking for. I knew right away … Read more

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